Surjeet Singh Aulakh

Surjeet Singh embodies the purity of the musical traditions he learnt from his great gurus. Accomplished as a soloist and accompanist he brings a quiet dignity that belies his extraordinary ability to communicate with his ancient multi stringed Sarangi.

Surjeet Singh is one of the worlds most skilled sarangi players. His love of the enchanting sound of the Sarangi led him to the doors of the legendary Sarangi player, Pandit Ram Narayan in 1977. Since launching his career in the early 90’s, he has played extensively throughout India at various important festivals giving solo recitals as well as accompanying leading musicians such as Salamat Ali Khan, Fateh Ali Khan, Pandit Rajan-Sajan Mishra and Shiri L K Pandit amongst others. Also, he has played at numerous venues in UK, Europe, America, Thailand and East Africa.

Surjeet is fluent in the styles of Khyal and Thumri, which has led him to be noticed worldwide for his musicality and proficiency. He is now a tutor for the Gurmat Sangeet Academy and the Raj Academy.