Support Us


We require the help of our sponsors and friends in the community to spread the word and bring our work to a wider audience.  By joining us on this journey you will contribute to the growth and development of Indian classical music in the UK at the grass roots level.  Also, you will actually be partaking in developing the next generation of classically trained musicians in the UK and keeping these rich musical traditions alive.

Hardship fund for students

For those students whose personal circumstances are a limiting factor to accessing music and dance education, we see ways in which to support their passion to learn.  We want to ensure that all students regardless of their background are able to enrol for our classes. The donations received in this area are used to help students fund their classes, purchase and maintain instruments, and the making of dance costumes. 

Growing our digital archives

PRSSV has a unique digital archive giving access to the legacies of artists who have been kept to the development of Indian music and dance in the UK.   
We are approached with donations of the personal archives of musicians and dancers who have made significant contributions to the development of Indian performing arts in the UK.  In order to make them available to the public we need your generous support to digitise, catalogue and curate these materials.

Performance Platforms

We endeavor to provide opportunities for students to perform before a live audience and to share a platform with professional artists.  Students are inspired by these experiences which they remember for the rest of their lives.  Your donations would enable us to provide these opportunities to more students on a regular basis.