Parampara 2019

PRSSV’s annual showcase of Indian Classical Music and Dance students and their teachers.

“Indian Classical Music is one of the finest ancient art forms of the world. Apart from its beauty and entertaining qualities as a pure performing art, its spiritual propensity as well as its ability to positively affect and enhance one’s mental and intellectual capacities in multiple ways is well acknowledged.” Source: – Samarth Nagarkar, Raga Sangeet

Listen to PRSSV students as they take you on an emotional journey showcasing a wide variety of Indian classical music: Bansuri students recite a variety of classical ragas and devotional. Kathak dance students will tell stories through dance.The term Kathak is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word meaning “she who tells a story”.

Sitar students will recite Raga compositions. Tabla students explore traditional rhythms and time cycles and will present fascinating renditions of how Tabla is being part of modern fusion music. Vocal students recital.

The evening concludes with a recital by Sangeet College teachers.

PRSSV’s ethos is that Indian music lives in performance requiring both performer and listener. Our Students need to experience performance so they can contextualise their learning through the experience of playing in a formal setting. We believe that ancient Vedic systems have a place in their contemporary lives.

Saturday 23 March 2019


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Tickets £12.50/£6 concession (under 12, unwaged, OAP)
Venue Elliot Hall, Harrow Arts Centre