How To Accompany On Tabla With Rising Star Sany Das

Do you want to learn how to accompany a singer or musicians on a rhythmic instrument? Then this session is a must for aspiring Tabla players. Sany Das (studied under the Farrukhabad and Delhi Gharanas) will show you how to accompany Bollywood songs, Bhajans and fusion. He will demonstrate how Laggi and Tihai are used to create dynamics and excitement and add colour to a performance. He will also give a grounding on how to listen and respond to music with basic improvisational skills.

Sany Das studied under Ustaad Syed Md Ali who learned tabla from Ustad Sabir Khan of the Farukabaad Grarana. He has played tabla as accompaniment with many popular artists across Bangladesh. He creates drama and high energy in his performances that enthrall audiences. Sany is currently a visiting artist in London with PRSSV.

Skill Level

Suitable for students with some basic experience of Tabla and or other percussion instruments.


Sat 22 August / 5pm


75-minute session

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