Course Overview

The sitar is constructed from a gourd as a sound box and rose wood neck and pegs. The Sitar is a classical instrument and has between 19 and 21 strings and the music played on it is called Raga
You will learn in a relaxed environment at your own pace with the Sangeet College structured and interactive method of teaching. There will be opportunities for taking accredited examinations.


  • Correct & comfortable holding position with good posture
  • Focus on finger placement on the Sitar and how to wear the Mizrab (plectrum) correctly
  • SARGAM lessons focusing on exercises for the right and left hands
  • How to produce the notes from the lowest to the highest
  • Compositions in Ragas with Taans and Tihais
  • Songs e.g. Bhajans, folk songs, Raga based pieces
  • Performance is very much encouraged with public performances of material learned


  • Continued development of skills, dexterity and fluency
  • Develop skills required to perform a Raag including varieties of Taans and Tihais
  • Simple Alaap improvisation
  • Both aspects of theory and practical are taught as the student learns the Raga music that is played on it.
  • Learning how to tune the sitar
  • Introduction to notation
  • Playing with Tanpura and Tabla accompaniment
  • Performing in public


  • Deepening your understanding of ragas and how to develop performance
  • Raga and tala theory and practice
  • Techniques for systematic approach to practise, so that you maximise your musical development
  • Compositions in variety of Ragas and Talas
  • Improvising Alaap, Taans, Tihai etc.
  • Performing skills
  • Composing

Students need to have a note book to notate pieces and make notes on theory, and a folder to keep handouts in.

You will be given an instrument to learn on initially but you will have to provide your own instrument so that you can practise at home.