Course Overview

Kathak dance is a major dance form of North India with a distinctive use of ankle bells, hand gestures, oral notation and costumes. Besides learning this classical dance you will learn folk and film genres of this dance form.


  • Basic foot work
  • Hand gestures
  • Movement exercises
  • Dance language
  • Short dance pieces including Tukra/Tora, Amad, Vandana
  • How to dance to Bhajans, folk songs, film dance


  • Footwork varieties
  • Compositions including Thaat, Chakradar
  • Simple dance improvisation
  • Introduction to notation
  • Dancing with Lehara and Tabla accompaniment
  • Performing in public


  • Compositions in variety of Talas
  • Improvising e.g. Vandana, Tihai etc.
  • Performing skills
  • Composing

Students need to have a note book to notate pieces and make notes on theory, and a folder to keep handouts in.

You will be given an instrument to learn on initially but you will have to provide your own instrument so that you can practise at home.