Course Overview

Whether you play the harmonium or keyboard it will give you great pleasure and you will be able to share your enjoyment with others.There are a huge variety of genres which combine composed music with improvisation.Besides being trained through the classical repertoire, you will learn light classical, devotional, folk and film genres of North Indian singing.


  • Basic training exercises
  • Introduction to playing Raags
  • Performing a Bandish with Taans, Tihais
  • Songs of different genres including devotional, light and popular
  • Introduction to Taal and playing with Tabla accompaniment


  • Playing simple gamaks
  • Performing a Raag including Alaap
  • Improvising Taans, Tihais etc.
  • Elaboration of melodies
  • Introduction to notation
  • Performing in public with Tabla accompaniment


  • Knowledge of a variety of Raags
  • Playing in a variety of Taals with Tabla accompaniment
  • Performing skills
  • Accompanying singers

Students need to have a note book to notate pieces and make notes on theory, and a folder to keep handouts in.

You will be given an instrument to learn on initially but you will have to provide your own instrument so that you can practise at home.