Bansuri (Flute)

Course Overview

The Bansuri is a side-blown (transverse) flute of North India and is made from a single length of bamboo. It is found in North Indian classical music, folk music, film music and numerous other genres.


  • Producing sound by blowing
  • Finger positions
  • Names of the notes
  • How to produce notes from the lowest to the highest
  • Songs e.g. Bhajans, folk songs, Raga based pieces


  • Compositions in Raags with Taans and Tihais
  • Simple Alaap improvisation
  • Introduction to notation
  • Playing with Tanpura and Tabla accompaniment
  • Performing in public


  • Compositions in a variety of Ragas and Talas
  • Improvising Alaap, Taans, Tihai etc.
  • Performing skills
  • Composing

Students need to have a note book to notate pieces and make notes on theory, and a folder to keep handouts in.

You will be given an instrument to learn on initially but you will have to provide your own instrument so that you can practise at home.