Jill Scarfe

Dr Jill Scarfe, a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, worked for many years as a classroom music teacher; initiated a music curriculum in which all students in the school experienced learning instruments from European, South Asian and Caribbean cultures; devised the first Mode 3 CSE music examination to feature Indian and Caribbean music in the syllabus, and was responsible for the inclusion of set works from these cultures at GCSE level.

She spent a year as a Teacher Fellow at the Centre for Multicultural Education, the Institute of Education of the University of London and from 1986 was Senior Lecturer in Music Education, first at Middlesex and then at Derby University.

In addition to lecturing and writing extensively in Britain, including material used by the Open University, she has directed workshops and seminars in Institutions and Higher Education Faculties in the USA, India, Trinidad and Pakistan. She has also co-authored two books on music education for teachers. Her Ph.D. was concerned with the apparent inability of children from the Mirpuri community to access music education available in schools, and her findings suggested ways in which improvements could be made.   This study was short listed for the prestigious British Education Research Association award in 2002.

Having worked with Dr Frances Shepherd since 1976, her work now is dedicated to the support of PRSSV and the development of courses for teachers of World Music that will provide parity with other established qualifications.